Representative Cases


• Mediated a lawsuit for significant property damage as a result of one of the massive wildfires in San Diego County.

• Mediated a dispute between a San Diego biotech firm against a Dallasbased company for breach of contract and fraud based upon the defendant’s alleged failure to honor the terms of a marketing agreement between the parties. 

• Mediated multiple class action lawsuits involving claims of unfair business practices, false advertising and trade secret violations.

• Arbitrated a dispute between a San Diego company and its Mexican franchisee involving breach of contract, trade secrets, unfair competition and trade libel. Decision was rendered following a 12-day arbitration.

• Arbitrated a dispute between a professional group and its insurer. The insurer claimed the professional group breached its contractual duty to cooperate and the professional group cross-complained for bad faith. Decision rendered after an 8-day arbitration.

• Arbitrated a dispute involving the alleged breach of an insurance agreement between a professional group and its professional liability carrier. Decision rendered following a 3-day arbitration.

• Arbitrated a partnership dispute among three partners who engaged in the business of buying apartments and converting them into condos. The parties resolved the dispute after 8 days of arbitration and before a decision was rendered.