• Mediated 2 peer review matters brought by hospital medical staffs against physicians. Both matters involved recommended termination of medical staff membership and clinical privileges based on quality of care concerns and alleged disruptive conduct.

• Arbitrated a matter in which the hospital medical staff recommended termination of a physician based on his failure to honor the terms of an agreement made following the rescinding of a summary suspension.

• Served as the Hearing Officer in 13 Judicial Review Hearings brought against physicians by hospital medical staff and physician groups. These matters involved summary suspensions and/or recommended terminations for a variety of issuesincluding quality of care concerns, poor surgical technique, disruptive behavior, false billing claims, false applications, and suspected drug addiction or impairment. One case involved the acting chief of staff at the time the corrective action was taken.

• Served as the Hearing Officer in 2 board appeals from Judicial Review Decisions. In one matter, the appeals panel was asked to determine whether the physician was denied fair process. In the other matter, the appeals panel was asked to determine whether there was substantial evidence to support the decision of the Judicial Review Committee.

Representative Cases